Social Media Best Practices for Developing Your Brand Image

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Anyone who is developing a brand should ask themselves: What are social media best practices that focus on developing the brand image? Brand image is huge! It’s the impression of your product held by real and potential customers.  Brand image doesn’t just happen over night, it is developed over time.  Since starting the above all, try something brand just 3 short months ago, and with the help of my Harvard Extension School course, Social Media and Branding, I have developed a list of some of the most elite social media best practices that I have found to be true throughout my journey.

Social Media Best Practices

  • (1) Keep a consistent image and message across all social media platforms.  This does not mean that you post the same content across all channels, in fact you do the opposite.  You cater your posts to your audience on each platform.  But you do want to keep your brand image and message consistent so your audience does not get confused.  Take LinkedIn for example. LinkedIn’s image is consistent across all channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.  It is a picture with an astronaut and the saying, “you’re closer than you think.”  The whole idea behind LinkedIn is that it will help you get where you want to go in life and this is easily recognized on each platform.

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