Overcoming my Flying Fear: The Sky’s the Limit

With summer quickly approaching I thought it would be a good time to write about my own “Charlie Tango” helicopter adventure last summer. The irony here is that I am petrified of flying.  I still fly because what kind of life would I live if I never traveled? I want to explore different parts of the world but if I let my fear consume me then I will miss out on a lot of great adventures.

So back to last summer. Mike and I spent every weekend at the Great Sacandaga Lake or GSL for short. With the motto: the best kept secret of the Adirondacks, it truly is a hidden gem.  When we are at the GSL we stay at Giuseppi’s camp (super Italian name I know). Giuseppi is Mike’s childhood friend and Giuseppi’s two brothers, Giacamo and Gaetano, and his college roommate, CJ and CJ’s girlfriend Courtney, spend the weekends with us. Their “camp” really isn’t much of a camp, it’s more of a house.. a big house, that’s right on the water.

A view from camp
Our view from camp: sitting on the back deck

The Lanzi Family 

Giuseppi’s family is very well known in this area because they own three out of four restaurants on this lake:

I recommend stopping at anyone of these restaurants if you are in the area. Sport Island Pub and Lakeside Tavern are more casual places.  If you are looking for food, drinks, and entertainment, you can’t go wrong with either one. If you are looking for a formal restaurant that is a little more fancy, Lanzi’s on the Lake is the place to go.  The best part about all three places is that you can pull your boat right up to their docks and leave it there while you eat. Now back to the helicopter ride…

The Sky’s the Limit

Mr. Perrone, a family friend of the Lanzi’s, owns a very successful aviation leather company, so as you might have already guessed, he owns a couple airplanes and helicopters too.  One day last summer he flew his helicopter to camp and graciously took everyone that was there for a ride.

Mike and me in the helicopter before we took off
Mike and me in the helicopter before we took off

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty scared at first because like I mentioned earlier I am petrified of flying.  But I wasn’t going to let my fear stop me from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Mike and me in the helicopter flying
Mike and me flying in the helicopter


Here’s my experience summed up in three videos.




Ceasing Opportunities 

While I was up in the helicopter my fear of flying slowly dissipated and eventually I didn’t think twice about how high we were or the fact that I was doing something I am scared of. I am proud that I forced myself into the helicopter because this memory will forever be etched in my mind.

I am still afraid of flying but I will never stop seeking adventures like this one. Life is about ceasing opportunities when they appear.  Life is too short to not take advantage of every experience you can.  If you go outside your comfort zone every once in a while you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  The sky really is the limit…

A view from below

The picture below was taken later that day and I wouldn’t have wanted to experience this with anyone other than these friends who have become like family to me. Only one short month until we are all back at the lake! And I’m sure there will many more stories to come… -JC

Our summertime crew

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