A Man With a Motive



Pave your own trail by taking the road less traveled by…

-Utility Associate: “You have two options sir, pay your bill or don’t pay it”

-Steve Erby: “If I don’t pay, you’ll turn my power off”

-Utility Associate: “Exactly”

After one man noticed that his utility bill had been continuously increasing each month with no obvious explanation, he called his utility company to get some clarification. Except he didn’t get clarification, he got something better. He got a motive to find an alternative source of energy for him and his family so they didn’t have to continue to pay into this monopoly. He turned his blazing obsession to outsmart the utilities into an astonishing passion to share with the world, which ultimately became an extraordinary example of success.

In 2009, Monolith Solar Associates, LLC was born.  The two founders, Mark Fobare and Steve Erby– one a Niskayuna-native, the other a US Army veteran– started the company out of a garage operation in East Greenbush, NY. Since then Monolith Solar has grown to be one of the most successful solar firms in New York State. Both Mark and Steve met through Hudson Valley Community College’s solar program. Mark has a background in engineering, while Steve’s background is in sales. Together they formed an unstoppable team.


From left to right: Steve and Mark. Photo credit: Donna-Abbott-Vlahos.
A photo of Steves house. This is the first solar system they ever installed and this is where the company started.
A photo of Steves house. This is the first solar system they ever installed and this is where they started the company out of.

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Don’t Exist. Live.

IMG_0188Everyday the sun rises and the sun sets. It’s clockwork. Don’t waste the precious time you have on this earth doing anything other than what you love. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”  We’ve been bred to graduate high school, go to college, choose a major that will make us a lot of money and then spend the rest of our lives working to make someone else’s dreams come true. It’s ironic that we live in a country where the national ethos is based on the American Dream. We have the resources and opportunities to achieve prosperity and success yet so few people take advantage of this. Wasn’t America founded on the basis of freedom?  So why are so many people slaves to corporate America?

We’ve been brought up to not take risks and to play life safe, to get a degree that will make us a lot of money rather than one that will make us happy, to believe that you need money to make money.

It’s time to stop living by these standards, falling victim to a mediocre, run-of-the-mill lifestyle. If you have a dream it’s time to take the leap of faith and go for it. As long as you have passion, drive and patience, nothing is impossible. Why work your entire life to fulfill someone else’s dreams, spend the valuable time you have in this world chasing yours. Remember, there is only one you, and if you’re not being yourself the world is missing out. Don’t exist. Live. -JC