The Future of Marketing

My prediction: Video will be the future of marketing. In fact, video is on its way there already and others are noticing this trend.

Why? It’s easy, technology. Innovations in technology have made it increasingly easy to film and share videos.  Who do we have to thank? Apple, GoPro, YouTube and FaceBook, just to name a few.

What this means for brands? Video content allows brands to better connect and engage with their customers. Diode Digital has found some incredible video facts. They found that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined and before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if one is available. According to Huffington Post, in 2017, 74% of all Internet traffic will be video!

If you or anyone you know has any inspirational, creative or fun videos please send them to us at   We want to post success stories of our viewers to inspire others and you may just be one of them! -JC