Window of Opportunity: Influencers

WIndow of Oppertunity

What is a window of opportunity? According to Macmillan Dictionary, it is “an opportunity to do something, that will only be available to you for a short time.”

I like to refer to the time we have on Earth as our window of opportunity, because before we know it, we can exist for an entire life time without actually living.

A few of my favorite key influencers, who have taken advantage of this window of opportunity, are Paid To Exist, EarthPix, and The Blonde Abroad.

Paid To Exist is a brilliant blog (partly because we share the same belief that you should get paid to do what you love), not to mention that it’s motivational, gives great advice and is brutally honest with a dry sense of humor. Take the title of popular posts for instance: The Best Way To Solve A Problem: Give Up; How I Stay Productive And Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done; and Kill Your Plans And Start Getting Shit Done. Catchy, interesting, and straight forward. Paid To Exist also does a great job of establishing interactive relationships among its audience. This is done through webinars and workshops that aim to bring people’s passions to fruition. Although an influencer, it’s also competition, and a worthy component indeed.

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